Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This I wrote as a homework assignment that came out of class work on writing about a moment of realization. What was the realization? I also tried to transform this into the 6S from the last post.

The crisp spring air filled my sleepy lungs. I crawled out of my snugly bed and shivered in my white tank and short yellow sleep shorts. Tip-toe to the alarm to shut it off before it buzzes 5:55. I hear the hum of the refrigerator and feel the cold kitchen tile under my feet. I buzz around preparing his breakfast and lunch, taking care to add my little touches of love, the drizzle of honey on the sliced banana, the chocolate kiss in the brown paper lunch bag.

When he joins me in the kitchen I hand him his creamy coffee with a goodmorning peck on the cheek. I settle into the stiff wooden kitchen chair and wrap my hands around my own warm dark ceramic coffee mug at peace with the start of our day.


  1. Are your mornings always this relaxing? If so, your home life and your blog title is a perfect match! I need to learn how to relax like that but I can't seem to find the time for it! haha!

  2. Hey, we missed you at class today. Yes, this is a new thing for me, with the move I've started to wake up earlier to see my husband off. I thought it would be good for our relationship, but on top of that I found some great "me" time to have my coffee, do some reading and yoga before the girls wake. Plus waking up earlier has helped me to sleep better at night.

  3. Hello Christina...I thought of you immediately when I saw a new Facebook "group" for moms and thought I'd pass it along to don't have to be on Facebook to join (as far as I can tell) but either way, it is a great way to network with moms and get more interest to your blog, etc. It's called

    How are you feeling? How far along are you? I hope you and Xavia are doing well! I wish I had a chance to talk to you both during our classes. For some reason, I could tell you and your daughter were very, very close and I admire a mom who has such a strong bond with her children. You must be a wonderful mother and Xavia is one lucky girl to have you!


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