Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going Green......homework gone wrong!

As part of my idea towards a move to a more tranquil life, I have been reading up on becoming more green. Yes, more green, because before we moved we hadn't been totally barbaric, we did recycle (for the most part), had a small 10 by 10 plot of a garden, plus raised chickens in the city! Still here in this tiny apartment, it's been very difficult, not to mention costly, to start being more green.

The latest book I read was The Essential Green You by Deidre Imus, it's a great book with a lot of important eco-information. She sites multiple resources that basically say we are being killed by toxins in foods, cleaning products, cosmetics, clothing, just about everything. In fact the book has got me quite paranoid. Where do I start, we'd go bankrupt trying to turn everything organic at once. I've got to take small steps.

My goals for now are to buy organic produce(and wash the non-organic stuff real well with purified water), look for healthy choices in cosmetics, and read labels to find what I need made from the least ingredients possible. We will all around try and use less and recycle more. I hope to succeed here and create larger, greener goals when we get into our new home. On the road to increased health, bodies, minds and spirits!

This post was in response to a homework assignment. I was supposed to think of a color before I went to bed last night (that was RED). When I woke up I was to record the first five things that I saw that were that color (Red- Spatula, Tooth-paste, green bag, crocheted shoe-laces, hand-soap) and then try and connect them in a narrative. What went wrong? I sat down to write and thought "green"!!


  1. Yes, going green can be very expensive but well worth it even if we can only do a little bit at a time. I've always been in love with organic stores such as "A Market" and I think management needs to hire me full-time so that I can spend my paycheck there!

  2. I have to agree going green needs to be taken in small's just to expensive to start everything all at once. I know for me it's alittle bit of lazyness too instead of making homemade breads and food''s just so much more easier to take frozen meatballs out of the freezer or buy a french loaf of bread from Big Y
    I'll have to find that book it sounds great!!
    Happy to finally have you in the blogging world...although you may be alittle disappointed in mine since I haven't blogged since last month..oops but now that we're all home I'll be blogging more!!



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