Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We're Moving!

It was a dreary October morning, I was working at our dining room table with my two daughters on a learning project, when the phone rang. My husband, Eddie, was calling from work. He said "I've got some shocking news.." His company was closing the plant that he had been working at for the past fourteen years! Luck lily, he had an option to stay with this New England business that he had put so much into. On the phone, he told me that he was given the option to move to their Dartmouth MA location, Londonderry New Hampshire, or else he could take a lay-off and get his resume out. He said "What should we do?" I said "We're moving to New Hampshire!"

After that morning, every minute since then has been a whirlwind! I instantly called our realtor and had her put our house up for sale. We lived on a main road, an actual state highway, in an urban city. By some miracle our house sold in twenty days and one showing! My girls and I worked tirelessly to purge our belongings and pack only the necessities into a POD. Meanwhile, Eddie started his job and stayed in a hotel. The holidays flew by, our families mourned us moving. All along we visited New Hampshire whenever we could and searched for a house to buy.

This economy is a "buyer's market" right? Well, sure it seems that the deals are abundant, but everything is in a "short sale". Our search is for a classic three-four bedroom with some local character. Maybe some land for a mini farm or a lake or forest near by. We've been bid out and sent through hoops trying to get the best deal on a number of short sales and foreclosure. Finally, we settled into a two bedroom apartment in a town close by to Eddie's new job. Well, sort of settled!

I was so quick to embrace our family's move here to New Hampshire because I saw a new life for us, a chance to throw our busy schedule to the wind and get back to the basics. I want my children to fall in love with nature here in this state loaded with mountains, lakes, and forests. Yes, we homeschool and lean towards unschooling ( ) The girls and I knit, read, bake, and explore the outdoors almost daily, but I wouldn't say that we were "whole living" and I want that for all of us.

As of now, we are surviving in this apartment in this busy little city with three grocery stores and a Walmart. All of our hopes are holding on this cute little lakefront house up in the "backcountry". Keeping our fingers crossed that all the red tape of a short sale sails through the banks in our favor! For now we'll await the happy day that we hear the house is ours, or the disappointing news that we lost another one.

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  1. Hi Christina,
    I know one "unschooler" who is a client of mine who lives in Manchester, Susan Burke, and you may know her already. I don't know a lot about unschooling but if Susan Burke thinks it's a great concept, I support it! She is one of my favorite mothers and her daughter will be just as smart and open-minded as her mother one day. If you would like to contact her I'd be happy to send her contact info if you'd like.
    How brave of you to be a surrogate! You are helping others fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. Good thing you are able to keep such a trim figure after your first surrogacy! Lucky you!


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