Monday, March 22, 2010


The recent Saint Patrick's day festivities got me thinking about luck. Who has it and who doesn't and why? Lately, I've felt truly lucky in my life, but other's looking in might not see it that way. I think the biggest part of luck is attitude and belief!

At the top of my luck list, I am so very blessed to be in a loving relationship and have two wonderful daughters. Sure, there's been plenty of work in raising children and keeping that spark in our relationship, but there is so much more involved than work. There's that intuition in parenting, that magic in love, all thrown in at the right moments by luck!

I have this little skill bestowed to me by my grandmother where I'll just be strolling along and happen to glance down and find a four-leaf clover. I'd say I average finding about thirty in the spring and summer each year, and my grandmother did the same.Family and friends think it's just so strange, because they'll search and search and never find one. Do all these clovers make me a lucky person? No, I don't think so, I believe that comes from an innate attitude, an outlook that I am lucky and good things do happen every day.

In his book The Luck Factor, psychologist Richard Wiseman wrote about his study of four hundred self-described exceptionally "lucky" and "unlucky" people. His study came up with basic principles and characteristics of "lucky" people. Do you fit in?

*Lucky people tend to maximize chance opportunities
*Create, notice, and act on these opportunities
*Very effective at listening to their intuition
*Do work (like meditation) that is designed to boost their intuitive abilities
*Lucky people tend to expect to be lucky
*Create self-fulfilling prophecies because they anticipate positive outcomes
*Lucky people have an attitude that allows them to turn bad luck into good

Yes, that's me, always looking on the bright side with a positive attitude! I feel so lucky to be lucky! If you don't fit into these characteristics, work on it, you could just change your luck!


  1. Christina,
    I am a believer that one needs to have a positive attitude in order to become "lucky" and I like the fact that you mentioned 7 behaviors of a lucky person and I have to say that I it took me awhile to develop those traits and now that I have done so, I am a much happier person and it sounds like you are as well.
    That is wild that you have been able to find 4-leaf clovers because that is a rarity! I hope you've saved them!
    I've been meaning to mention that when I first saw you in class, I thought I'd seen you somewhere else. Were you at a "W.A.I.T" class in July (?) at CMC? If not, you just happen to look like someone else I know!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad that you have a positive attitude and beleive the theory!
    No, I haven't been to a class at CMC, we've only been in the state for about two months. Plus it was in July that I gave birth to my surro. twins!
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Nice blog Christina. I love the luck thoughts.

  4. Christina,
    So glad to get to follow your blog! Chosing a positive outlook certainly makes for a fulfilling life, compared to the alternative! Also helps you have the clarity and stamina when dealing with the more truly difficult situations that turn up in life.




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